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A Visit to The Detroit Garden Works

I recently visited the beautiful Detroit Garden Works. A garden shop of distinction, with beautiful sculpture, wonderful plant combinations and tons of amazing treats for a passionate gardner to drool over. Here are a few photos from my visit: These large concrete fruits … Continue reading

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Frozen Watercolor

Watercolor on paper placed outside in freezing temperatures while still wet- ice crystals form and remain in the paint.        

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Priscilla’s Book

I was excited when several years ago, a woman I didn’t know, contacted me about including one of my sketches, Autumn Tree, in a book she was writing. Priscilla Vernier is her name and her book, Notes ‘n Quotes, has … Continue reading

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Wild Twig Birdnest

One of my wild giant twig bird’s nest purchased by Lulubelle Photography.  Here are a few of her VERY special photographs!  

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Painting outside this past weekend – It’s summer and it’s hot!  But, it sure feels great to be out in the fresh air.  Lots of bugs everywhere though — I painted some just for the practice and I filled the page. Here’s another … Continue reading

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The Little Chair

Pull up a chair and join me in the garden.  The “Native Plants in the Landscape” conference at Millersville University offered a workshop taught by Landscape architect David Hughes. He taught us how to create miniature chairs made with invasive trees and plants gathered from the woods. … Continue reading

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“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”  Charles Dickens This is my sketch of Blossom. I’m checking in on her while her owners are away.  She is a sweet, small, very soft kitty. She usually greets me as … Continue reading

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Japanese Brush Painting Class

I’m teaching a Japanese Brush Painting Class.  These are the works of my students. The class is really “getting it” and it is exciting to see.  This week we studied the “Plum Blossom”. As a “friend of winter,” the plum blossom … Continue reading

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Sketches on Hand-Made Paper

I painted these sketches on hand-made paper for a friend.  She is making a book for a gift and wanted a sketch for the cover. It was really fun to paint with watercolor and ink on this paper– it’s got … Continue reading

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October the Kitten

This sweet little kitten has appeared in my garden.  She’s been here for about 2 weeks now.  She’s very fun-loving– plays with the leaves on my back porch and tries to make friends with other neighborhood cats.  She’s been shy … Continue reading

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